Channel Rebrand

Built around the concept of “Kids First,” we developed the rebrand showcasing a diverse array of school-age children interacting with the world and characters of Nickelodeon in a playful and surreal mix of live-action and graphics. The project consisted of more than 250 deliverables, including bumpers, IDs, promo toolkits and graphic developments for social media and off-air use for the US channel, with updated elements for the international channels to follow.

Color Palette

The main set consists of Nick orange and 5 new colors to be featured prominently. Two additional colors are included to be used as highlights.

Special Bumpers

Real kids daily play is messy, weird and anything but normal, and Nick should be too. Imaginative reinterpretations of the characters become a playground for real kids to tweak, pinch and rearrange. With this idea we developed a series of playful and fun bumpers.

Custom Bumpers

For these elements the challenge lies in creating a playground that is not only visually compelling but also editable and customizable for any of Nick´s shows.

Logo Stings

We´ve built unexpected moments, randomness, non-sequitur, and fresh photography into multiple logo stings.

Nick 2.0 Update

After the success of the 2017 branding refresh we wanted to take it up a notch, incorporating footage shot for special campaigns and integrating it to our quirky and zany world. More real, more playful, more unexpected.


Check out the backstage of the shooting production in LA, with the Nick team and Nucontext.