Nat Geo IDs


IDs for National Geographic Channel International.

Experimental, astonishing, warm, curious. Fantastic realities inspired by slow motion images, distorted gravity, reverse camera and macro shots. This was the creative approach to show NatGeo's strong spirit.


Reloading a Natgeo pitch proposal, we created 4 different live action IDs using almost no post-production or color retouching and 1 Id mixing live action with CGI. The goal was to represent the different topics included in the Natgeo programming within poetic, almost abstract environments.


Produced by Superestudio & Lamole


National Geographic Channel International.

Emanuele Madeddu:

VP Creative & Consumer Marketing NGCI.

Florencia Picco:

VP Branding & Creative FIC.

Mariano Barreiro:

Branding Director FIC.